This award belongs to every volunteer who walked through our doors

Our Executive Director Graham Mynott reflects on the news that we've received the Queen's Award for Voluntary Service for the volunteer-led response to the Boxing Day floods:

When you spend a little time thinking about it, it's quite a thing to be nominated for an award. Someone or some organisation, looking at you and what you have done considers you to be worthy of an award and takes the time and effort to pursue the thought to action.

So it has been this year for Hebden Bridge Community Association (HBCA) - we have been nominated for the Queen's Award for Voluntary Service and have been successful: it is the country's highest award for voluntary organisations. We are humbled to have been nominated and to be awarded.

That said the "what have we done to deserve this?", when we reflect back on it was truly remarkable. We as HBCA were the conduit, the lens... the focus must be on the volunteers. For the truth of this Queen's Award for Voluntary Service nomination and award is that a little piece belongs fairly to every single volunteer who walked through the Town Hall door or rang us in the aftermath of the Boxing Day 2015 floods and asked "What can I do to help ?".

This is an award for the town of Hebden Bridge - we stood together after the floods and offered support and care to each other and came through,  maybe stronger, possibly with more enthusiasm and vitality for our great place but without question we came through as a community.

So raise a cheer for all and pat yourself and your fellow residents on the back. This is Hebden Bridge''s Queen's Award for Voluntary Service and you have two imminent chances to celebrate with us - at our AGM on the 10th June at 12 noon in the Town Hall and on the afternoon of Saturday 24th June when we invite you all to celebrate our birthday with tea, cake and entertainments for all.


You can read more about the award in our press release here.