Flood Stories & the Community Foundation for Calderdale #2

This is the second in an occasional series of blog posts where we'd like to share some of the local community's flood stories more widely over the coming few months.

This post is about a little part of the story of the Town Hall and Hebden Bridge Community Association's role in the aftermath of the Boxing Day 2015 floods in Hebden Bridge.

This is also #CommunitiesWeek17: a week celebrating communities who are changing where they live for the letter, and Day 5 is all about communities telling their stories.

We have been in the fortunate position over the last year to share Hebden Bridge's amaxing Boxing Day 2015 story in so many different ways: we have hosted Look North and BBC Radio Leeds in the building; we have appeared on BBC Breakfast; and the Alternative Christmas event on 25th June 2016 attracted a huge media response.

Our goals have been to highlight what people can do when they choose to work together and to remind people that Hebden Bridge is back and open for business.

We were particularly proud to be invited to feature in a Locality film for their 2016 convention in November. The premise is to showcase the importance of Community Anchor Organisations, especially when faced with difficult circumstances, eg political, geographical isolation, and natural disasters, demonstrating their resilience and the importance of having community organisations.

Our invite said: "You are top of the list, due to the important role that you played during the floods last Christmas" - we couldn't say no !

The full version is on Locality's YouTube page, we asked Rogue Robot a business based here in the Town Hall to create a shortened version for us.


These blog posts have been made possible by the award to Hebden Bridge Community Association of funding from from the Community Foundation for Calderdale to help us and our local community tell stories from the Boxing Day 2015 floods.