Hotting Up

Hebden Bridge Arts Festival's pop up box office at The Town Hall


It's not just the weather that's decided to make an impact this week, things are getting incredibly busy for The Hebden Bridge Arts Festival which starts on 22 June.  The Town Hall is a buzzing festival hub with the organisers rushing around arranging the usual last minute bits and bobs, surprise problems cropping up and being sorted, and then there's the meetings for all the different strands of this year's festival; Uncanny Valley, Park Yourself and Wonderwear.

The important board - this is where the magic comes together


We're really pleased to have such a strong link with the Hebden Bridge Arts Festival; not only are we a venue during the event, but we have the pop up box office in our reception area and we're home to their permanent office.


Marketing material and buckets... the office is prepared with everything you need for a successful festival


Leaflets galore


Posters, posters, posters


The wonderwear underwear bunting project is coming together in the Waterfront Hall


A close up of the underwear bunting for the Hebden Bridge Arts Festival



Even the light swich in the Hebden Bridge Arts Festival office is ready for the start date