Team work

The building work on the new development on The Town Hall, Hebden Bridge feels a long time coming for the residents and businesses of Hebden Bridge, and now it's nearly complete.  We've got a couple more weeks of contractors on site before we're ready to open fully to the public and in the run up we've had plenty of random jobs to finish. To help get through a pile of self assembly tables for the courtyard we appealed to the competitive spirit of the people on site one Sunday afternoon and suggested we saw who could assemble a table in the fastest time.  Everyone rolled up their sleeves and took on the challenge, each team confident they would be the first to finish.

The teams battle to put together a table in the fastest time.

Stuart and Emma from the kitchen took the task seriously, but their confidence outweighed their skill seeing them take last place.

Sarah, The Executive Director of The Town Hall, didn't stand a chance as her team mate kept walking away to take photographs.

Jackie and Rachel from Organic House Riverside make a great team, but they had tough compeition.

We didn't manage to get a winners photograph of Doug and Martin as they finished so quickly by the time the rest of us had caught up they had made and drunk a cup of tea, packed up their stuff and gone home for the the day, but here they are hard at work.

The winners, by quite a margin, were our magnificent plumbers Doug and Martin from Kimptons.