Time Travel

Come and meet Professor Nocturne.

The Town Hall has opened its doors today for a community fair, and the first person people meet is Hebden Bridge's own time traveler.  Here's more about him: A short biography by Professor Nocturne  Date of birth: unknown.  The whereabouts of my place of birth are a source of great debate, but I feel it was somewhere exotic, probably Zanzibar. Parentage: my father was a travelling minstrel, though I know he was of royal and noble descent, for I have the same bearing.  My mother was a celebrated courtesan at the court of the great Moghul Humayan, where her skills in the art of dance, song, and love were the stuff of fables.  I too have inherited all these gifts, but prefer to be humble regarding my vast range of talents.  I studied with all the great artists, musicians, mathematicians, scientists, and astronomers in all the major centres of learning in Europe, and indeed taught and guided them.  Their gratitude to me was beyond words.  You will find it strange that there is no recorded evidence of or reference to my learned achievements -  I insisted on all traces being erased.  I wanted the other luminaries to enjoy the prestige, glory, and rewards that follow from great writing, art, discoveries, and inventions, even though they truly belonged to me, for I am but a giving and charitable soul.  The rumours that I was asked politely to leave one after another of these institutions of academia because of accusations of misdemeanor and fraud are totally without foundation and are typical of the scandalous jealousy a man of genius has to endure from ignorant peasants.  As a gift to the people, I aim to be at Hebden Bridge Town Hall Open Day on Saturday 13 October 2012, where the fortunate few among you may gaze in awe at me and my time machine.  Whilst there, I may deign to speak to you, unless my brilliant mind diverts my attention elsewhere.