UPDATE on Hebden Bridge Town Hall

It's been a while since we posted an update about our situation in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic: so we are overdue making an announcement.

In common with many other venues we have been closed to the public since 21st March 2020.

Most of our staff have been furloughed throughout, but we have maintained a cleaning and hygiene programme in the building to ensure we are providing for our tenants and business associates who have been able to come and go as necessary since 21st March. Our Director has continued working throughout focussing on communications and financial management to ensure that, despite the loss of trading income, we will be financially stable moving into re-opening.

We also wanted to reassure everyone that we have been working hard in the meantime to ensure we can re-open safely: most recently our Facilities, Cafe and Events staff are ending furlough for short periods to help put in place our re-oepning plans.

But, we have not set a re-opening date yet.

We will post a blog update and circulate on our social media channels (Facebook & Twitter) once we have a firm timetable.

Graham Mynott

for the Trustees of Hebden Bridge Community Association 29th May 2020