We have lovely Units available

If you looking for a work space ? Then you are in luck ! 

      Unit 25 21.8 sq mtrs is £ 404.49 pcm newly decorated and available now. 

                                     (top floor overlooking Hangingroyd lane) 

                              Unit 24 15.6 sq mtrs is £ 290.40 pcm available soon

                                     (top floor overlooking Hangingroyd lane)

                              Unit 35 14.1 sq mtrs is 259.28 pcm available soon 

                                     (top of the Old Building, a hidden gem with a great view)

                       All our Units are inclusive of heating, lighting, they are carpeted and include other benefits with options available for data, phones etc.                                

                       (Units 24 and 25 could be adjoined into one if required.)

                       Please contact Rachel via email business@hebdenbridgetownhall.org.uk or 01422 417300 to arrange viewing/ more details.