Working at the Town Hall


You may have noticed that we are currently advertising for two jobs to be based here at the Town Hall working for Hebden Bridge Community Association (the charity that owns and manages the Town Hall on the community's behalf). Firstly: don't panic you still have just under two weeks (and more importantly perhaps, two weekends) to get your application in!

Click here to find out about the two posts - Facilities Coordinator and Administrator

We thought it might help make your mind up about applying to try and convey in this blog a little bit about what it's like working here.

It's certainly not a conventional office environment, there are lots of distractions and interruptions and there is always something new to get used to but these are not negatives: they are the beauty of working here. You will be at the centre of this town's life in an extraordinary, vibrant and exciting place. There are days when it feels like everything is swirling around and nothing of the "office job" gets done - but isn't that just life sometimes? 

We've had days when the entire office is filled with just-arrived boxes that we have to empty to find the thing we need for a buffet in 15 minutes (its always in the last box), there are nights like the Christmas Light switch-on when we have fireworks on the terrace followed by 300 people arriving for their free mulled wine and mince pies and a brass band is playing in reception, and times when we have had the kindness of strangers played out in the Boxing Day 2015 flood-recovery when we became the town's emergency hub. You won't be bored, I'll promise you that.

So if you have the ability and willingness to turn your hand to (almost) anything, a preparedness to put in that bit extra every day to make other people's experience here brighter and enjoy other people's company - and get along with them all - then one of these two might just be the job for you. Provided you can do the jobs we are advertising for of course.

We're looking forward to reading your application.